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I created this account back in 2014, which was 5 years ago. Damn, time flies by really fast. 2014 seems like it was only yesterday. At the time, I was only 22 years old. I was still young and a bit naive.


The reason why I created a We Heart It account was because I was a HUGE Jelsa fan at the time. There are so many fan made comics (mostly scenes from a movie edited by fans) which always led me to this site. I couldn't get enough Jelsa so I made a WHI account. I don't ship Jelsa anymore and I'm no longer a Jelsa fan. That's another topic for another day. I had also planned to create my OWN Jelsa comics. It was originally called Three Sides of a Love Triangle but changed it to To Love You More. Unfortunately, it didn't work so I ditched the project.

frozen, jack frost, and romance image
My first attempt at making my own comic.


I was still active ON WHI until I landed my first job. I started working in the medical field so I didn't have the time to be in this site anymore. I also lost interest. To be honest, I think WHI is boring and I got tired of it. I abandoned this site and forgot about it until recently.

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This is from another comic I was working on called Big Four Reacts. Am I gonna cotinue? That's debatable.


What made me decide to go back was the article feature. Figured I give it a go and I'm instantly hooked. Now I'm back to the site. I post here whenever I have the time. Truth to be told, I use WHI as a dumping ground because I have soooo many pictures on my Dropbox. I need to clean up my computer. Glad to be back on this site. I'm not as active I used to be but I post when I have the time.

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I've come so far. I'm no longer the same person I was yesterday.