Hush little one for this will all go away
All your tears and sorrow will disappear one day
A day will come when the sun will shine
Shining bright over the noon sky.
A group of friends huddling together.
Sobbing some tears that won't last forever
crying and bawling their eyes out.
Wondering when did this all go south.
How could they not see the things they did
How could they have become so ignorant
Caught up in their minds was alright
Until that day came where you lost your might
You didn't mean for it to happen but it did
You didn't mean for it to turn out this big
You wanted things to stop, to have a piece of mind
But you weren't thinking when you picked up that knife.

So hush little one, it'll be alright
Things weren't the same since that night
You knew what you did and it's okay
Because for once you'll be okay.