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  • General:
book, rose, and flowers image neon, retro, and vintage image Temporarily removed tim burton and corpse bride image
I love pink and pastel that looks cutesie. I love things that glow like neon signs, fireworks, and the stars. I also love earthy things that remind me that earth is beautiful. And anything like The Nightmare Before Christmas/Tim Burton.
  • Clothing:
fashion, girl, and outfit image Copyrighted image outfit, fashion, and style image outfit, fashion, and vans image
I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. There is just something about wearing a great pair of jeans and a new cool tee worn with a pair of vans and a cross body purse that makes me feel my best.
  • Music:
fest life, fireworks, and festival image Temporarily removed bands, music, and secrets image Mature image
I love so many different types of movies. I love older music and post hardcore, rock, EDM, and so much more. I could never limit myself to one genre.
  • Movies:
love, the notebook, and couple image movies, stills, and john wick image Image removed book, nicholas sparks, and the notebook image
I love romance movies and action the best. Especially if they come from books, I love to compare them. I also like comedy. Any movie that can make me feel something are my favorite.
  • Season:
autumn, fall, and leaves image cat, autumn, and animal image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and house image
Fall. There is just something about the color change of the leaves and the overall feel of fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. I love sweets and the smell of pumpkins. Drinking hot chocolate and being able to sleep comfortably with a blanket.
  • Element:
Temporarily removed horse, water, and rabbit image pool, pink, and luxury image bath, candle, and cozy image
Water. I love swimming, bathing, and hearing water. It is soothing to me. I could spend hours in the bathtub just relaxing and enjoying the water. I love to listen to sleep sounds especially the ocean waves. I love the rain and the way it hits my windows. I sleep best during thunder storms.
  • Love:
Image removed Temporarily removed love, car, and couple image Image by Melanie Skarlet
I love affection and romance. I love the idea of traveling with my partner but also being able to sit at home and still have a great time. I have found that in my life but I admire others relationships and see them thrive together.
  • Flowers:
Temporarily removed sunflower, flowers, and wallpaper image flowers, pink, and bouquet image Image by ramon9977
I love roses and sunflowers, anything pink and purple.
  • Color:
wallpaper, background, and grid image aesthetic, black, and black and white image hope, poems, and poetry image Image by ikhlas b`en a°mor
Black and white is classic. I love it. I also love rainbow.