Hoela it's me again your fav sad lonely girl coming at you with my problems. This week of me being a total wreck is me finally getting a job interview at and waiting to start the job and me being constantly used by the same person. Like I do everything for them so they won't get mad or get in trouble and the things I do is never recognized by them. If it's like I never ask you to do that or I don't care when I know that person does but doesn't want to show their emotion which is annoying cause how we were raised not cry and suck it up. Anyways it gets frustrating to the point I'm now like over trying to help them and they need to suffer the consequences and me stopping myself to prevent them from getting the consequence if that makes sense.

Thanks for listening as always.

p.s I say I'm a sponge because I keep getting used over and over again

xoxox ♡sweet♡