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「 1 | what is your least favorite food? 」

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this question was genuinely hard for me because i like virtually all food. but gasp brownies were the first thing that popped into my head. i don't like them plain but i'll eat them with vanilla ice cream. same goes with chocolate cake.

「 2 | do you consider yourself a picky eater? 」

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kind of. i try to eat pretty healthy, but i don't dislike many foods.

「 3 | have you ever eaten anything on a dare? 」

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i vaguely remember being dared to taste an octopus at a chinese buffet when i was probably eight or nine. it tasted like chicken.

「 4 | sweet, sour, salty, or savory? 」

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always sweet!

「 5 | what is your favorite breakfast food? 」

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i'm obsessed with Special K and i've been eating it every morning for the past four-five months. i'm currently eating their pumpkin spice flavor for the fall season.

「 6 | have you ever gotten food poisoning? 」

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thankfully, no!

「 7 | what is the weirdest food combination you enjoy? 」

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i eat sriracha on almost everything. (besides sweets)

「 8 | do you have any secret recipes within your family? 」

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my mom has a delicious peanut butter pie recipe. and my grandma has a healthy pineapple cupcake recipe.

「 9 | what's the best thing to put on toast? 」

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「 10 | name one food that is totally overrated. name one that is underrated. 」

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i think waffles are overrated, i personally like pancakes 10x more. pad thai is underrated in my opinion it's literally the best.

「 11 | top 3 ice cream favors? 」

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my favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip, cookies & cream, and rocky road.

「 12 | do you consider yourself a good cook? 」

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to be honest i don't cook very often. when i do it's usually a super simple meal, but they always turn out good so sure!

「 13 | can you handle spicy food? 」

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yes! i actually prefer most of my meals to be spicy.

「 14 | do you enjoy watching cooking shows? 」

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i watch tasty videos on instagram all the time!

「 15 | what country do you live in? what's your favorite food from there? 」

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i live in the US. i believe Reese's in only found here but i could be wrong. nonetheless, it's my favorite candy bar by far.

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