Cozy sweaters, crisp air, chilly nights, crunchy leaves, hot chocolate and the perfect time snuggle up and watch movies. This is my top 10 fall movies that everyone definitely needs to see.

Hocus Pocus

autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, book, and evil image

Halloween Town

autum, cozy, and Halloween image disney, Halloween, and 90s image


Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image Image removed

Addams Family

autumn, fall, and Halloween image Image removed


autumn, cozy, and fall image frankenweenie image

Ghost Busters

aesthetics, autumn, and fall image Image by passidina

Corpse Bride

autumn, fall, and Halloween image corpse bride, tim burton, and piano image

Nightmare before Christmas

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image


autumn, fall, and pumpkin image coraline and wybie image

Harry Potter

harry potter, book, and autumn image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
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