this text is to compensate my heartache. i'm sorry if it gets too cheesy, but i need to get those feelings out.

you were the first person to really take the time to understand me. you were also the first person for that i felt deep, real, raw emotions. but you didn't feel the same, at least not anymore.
you know, the time we spent together felt so real.
i loved to hang out with you. not only the the days we went on dates and went places. i loved the times where we just layed next to each other, were alone - together.
you'd play your video games, i'd play mine.
i told you everything about me, told you about all my problems and you'd listen. you were so kind. this makes it much harder to believe that you now don't feel anything anymore for me.
but i can't change your feelings.
the hardest part is, to think about the fact that we will most likely not be this close again. and to see you and to behave as if I didn't share my most intimates moments and thoughts with you.
i'm scared of seeing you with another girl. it's gonna happen eventually and i, even if it will hurt, have to accept that.
and i'm alone again.

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