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name: Nadia Vale
race: half snow elf, half human
class: barbarian
title: wild woman
background: blacksmith
birthdate/age: End of Drawing Down (December), 55
home: a tribe in Frozenfar


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Nadia got her fiery orange hair and brown eyes from her human father, snow elves usually have white hair and light eyes. She also has very thick and large eyebrows. She also carries a large scar running down her face. Nadia is a giant full woman. She stands at 6'7 which is fairly short for snow elves, but she also got that from her father. People are understandably put off by how large she is, she's broad and scary like a man.

everyday clothes

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Nadia wears traditional snow elf clothing for the most part, underneath it all she likes to wear nude and dark color skin tight clothing. She only wears her underclothes around the house.

hunting/warrior clothes

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Being in one of the coldest places on Faerun, Nadia wears lots of layers. She only wears fur if it's extra cold out, it can restrain her from moving. During official missions she wears fur and metal armor, regular missions and hunts she doesn't wear metal.


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Nadia is a very neutral person. She is incredibly strong, and believes in female power. But, she's not afraid to be afraid. She also likes to draw.


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Nadia has a human father named, Kort, he is a barbarian from the Savage Frontier. Nadia's mother, Lumi, is a snow elf Cleric. Kort met Lumi when he traveled to Frozenfar to track down a group of thugs. She stood 6 inches taller than him and he instantly fell in love Lumi.


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Frozenfar sits north of the Spine of the North, it is surrounded by mountain and snow. It is a treacherous journey to Nadia's village for anyone looking to take a trip there. Nadia and her family live in a good sized cabin a little out of town.


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When Snow Elves reach a certain young age, doesn't matter how young they are, as long as they can lift a weapon, they choose a weapon of choice, to name, make, and bond with. Nadia chose an axe, same style as her fathers. She was four years old and could barely lift off the snow when it was finished. Her axe's named "Black Ice"


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Nadia is the town blacksmith, she is now the one who helps the young now elves make their future life weapons.


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Nadia has a bear named Nieva, she is a ferocious beast. She is her companion, and she rides her into battle and hunts.