Name- Madi (Given by the boys), Seven (Given by Hawkins Labs), Ella (Given by Mother)


Image by Emery Temporarily removed bite, lips, and mouth image alternative, brown, and fashion image
fair skin, light blue eyes, soft lips, short brown hair


eleven, stranger things, and el image waffles, breakfast, and food image
Eleven (Jane), sister
gif, winona ryder, and stranger things image stranger things, aesthetic, and hawkins image
Hopper, adoptive father
stranger things, joyce byers, and winona ryder image celebrities, tv series, and winona ryder image
Joyce, mother figure
Image by Emery blue, cold, and dress image
Terry Ives, mother
eight, kali, and season 2 image eight, eleven, and grunge image
Eight (Kali), sister


finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image stranger things, eleven, and finn wolfhard image
Mike, sister's boyfriend
boys, dustin, and friendship image Image by aline
Lucas, best friend's boyfriend
Image removed stranger things image
stranger things, robin, and maya hawke image stranger things and robin image

*Best Friends*

stranger things and millie bobby brown image baby, cute, and kids image
Eleven, special sister bond
stranger things, steve, and netflix image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image
Steve, kind of older brother friendship
stranger things and dustin henderson image Image removed
Dustin, best friend, boyfriend's little brother
80s, icon, and mad max image aesthetic, vintage, and nike image
Max, best friend
boy, manu rios, and eyes image couple, love, and kiss image
Parker Henderson, Romantic Intrest, Dustin's older brother

*Love Interest*

back, boy, and boyfriend image boy, guy, and Hot image
Parker Henderson


Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed tv, grunge, and hand image girl and smile image love, couple, and forest image girl, photography, and vintage image Image by hecate Image by capricorn✨ girl, water, and sea image Marvel image Temporarily removed Abusive image awesome, beautiful, and black image Image removed aesthetic, dustin, and eleven image book and magic image Temporarily removed badass, eleven, and pretty image hair image bella hadid, model, and dress image boy, manu rios, and eyes image flowers, aesthetic, and blue image Image removed Temporarily removed boy, guy, and Hot image Temporarily removed bambi, bright, and clean image couple, kiss, and love image hair, hairstyle, and beauty image art, girl, and Nude image Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair and girl image aesthetic, aesthetics, and fashion image Image removed boom, records, and sonic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic image Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ocean, waves, and sea image short hair, brown hair, and hair image stranger things and aesthetic image hair, beautiful, and short hair image water, hand, and blue image Abusive image girl, water, and grunge image aesthetic, collarbone, and delicate image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed summer, water, and legs image Image by Emery Temporarily removed