Name: Zahid
Alias: Princess Of Agrabah
Age: 17 years old
Sexuality: Hetrosexual


fashion, idol, and lifesaver image makeup, eyes, and eye image lips, red, and makeup image purple, pastel, and aesthetic image


Jasmine and Aladdin

Temporarily removed tiger, animal, and theme image light, boy, and shadow image photography, arabic, and culture image


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Day to day

Mature image fashion, purple, and outfit image nails, outfit, and violet image fashion, purple, and style image


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indie image pantone, purple, and aesthetic image color, colour, and purple image pantone, flowers, and purple image


tiger, theme, and animal image animal, monkey, and cute image

Love Interest:

movie, music, and disney channel image tattoo, snake, and trust image bad boy, quotes, and text image boots, black, and shoes image

Couple Song:


fashion, dress, and style image quotes and brown+eyes image Temporarily removed tattoo and quotes image aesthetic, feminist, and girl image Temporarily removed shoes, pink, and heels image rose gold, aesthetic, and pink image

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