This whole article is probably just going to be songs from the early 2000's. (Probably a lot fo Justin Bieber too.)

Bedrock- Young Money, Lloyd

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I know well now that I shouldn't have been listening to this song as a child but whatever it goes so hard.

Kiss me thru the phone- Souja boy, Sammie

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Six, seven, eight, triple nine, eight, two, one, two. I have nothing more to say

My baby- Auburn

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Almost every auburn song is a staple of my childhood because her music was such a vibe for child me. (And me now)

Haven't had enough- Marianas Trench

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Marianas trench was so good in the early 2000s oh my goodnesssss.

Love me- Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber was my first celebrity crush and I basically know what happens in the video just listening to the song because I watched it that much.

5:15- Bridget Mendler

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This whole album was so underated but at least I bumped it.

Boyfriend- Big Time Rush

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Big time rush was funny and they had multiple bops, this is just one.

S.O.S- Jonas brothers

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I don't have to say anything about this song.

Right back where we started from- Maxine Nightingale

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This song is played at the end of Yours, mine and ours and I want it to play at my wedding.

Die in your arms- Justin Bieber

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Um... one of Justin's best songs to this day.

Amigas Cheetahs- The cheetah girls

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The cheetah girls has better songs than high school musical and is more flavourfull.
This is all the songs I wanted to talk about.