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Favorite TV Show

Image by chrissy dark, fog, and black and white image ravenclaw image Abusive image
The Originals
Temporarily removed aesthetic, art, and caption image beautiful women, fashion make up, and black and white colours image popcorn, food, and Pop cOrn image
The Fosters

Show You've Abandoned

knight, fantasy, and sword image baby, love, and family image book, fairytale, and fantasy image character, edit, and enchanted forest image
Once Upon a Time
Temporarily removed Image by 𝓢 house, luxury, and home image car, luxury, and black image

Show That Gives You Nostalgia

hollywood, vintage, and aesthetic image chanel, dior, and shopping image quotes, better, and words image book, makeup, and nails image
90210 (2008-2013)

Show You Love That Came Out This Year

friends, aesthetic, and alternative image school, yellow, and vintage image jacket, vintage, and clothes image green, grunge, and tree image
The Society

Show You'd Love to Live In

photography and the society image the society image Temporarily removed drunk, wifi, and grunge image
The Society

Favorite Character from a TV Show

music image Temporarily removed bling, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed
Star Davis (STAR)

TV Show Characters You Have A Crush On

aesthetic, boys, and faded image football image concert, grunge, and pale image car, cars, and luxury image
asher adams (All American)
football, sport, and aesthetic image Image by Aaaurélie S. Image removed football image
jordan baker (All American)

Show You Are Watching At The Moment

hair, black, and grunge image gossip girl image beauty, beige, and body image aesthetic, school, and uniform image

A Character from A TV Show You’d Like to Play

all american, samantha logan, and olivia baker image fashion, bag, and luxury image Temporarily removed glasses and aesthetic image
olivia baker

Underrated TV Show

Temporarily removed car, luxury, and mercedes image football image Temporarily removed
all american
Image by soffering Temporarily removed Image by soffering Abusive image
9-1-1 on Fox

TV Everyone Should See

Image removed couple, boys, and lgbt image beautiful, purple, and quote image aesthetic, bling, and couple image
Are You The One (s8)