hey love,

i know it's been a while but schools been mentally killing my brain cells. although, recently i just cut my hair short NOT due to a mental breakdown. even though i've had many recent breakdowns...anyways.

i love having short hair and i don't know if any of you have ever considered getting your hair cut, because short hair can look good on certain people, or at least that's what i think

the perks of having short hair

- easier to take care of
- looks cute
- doesn't bother me as much
- nice hair styles, although i'm simple so i keep it down and straight

i can estimate that i cut off about 6-8 inches or more, unfortunately i couldn't donate it but that process and patience of sitting in a chair while nervously waiting for the outcome of your impulse decision can be, annoying.

i got it done on the weekend, so i also have to be a little nervous at what people thought at school, even though i don't really care for what people think, the chopping my hair off part is the most i'll care

i got nice compliments nonetheless, some were surprised and some were curious but in a good way. i got a comment that i look like cleopatra, and that i look like a brown kylie jenner, very flattering.

i plan on keeping it short for a while, i need a wild break from having long hair but i will miss it. i'm a lot more picky with my hair long because i feel the need to style it but with short hair i just leave as is and i like it.

i also posted it on my snapchat story and spent some time trying to block people from my story just because those people went to school and again, i wanted it to be like a surprise. i'm goin to use this moment to tell you that you should add me on snap if you want, @temuri2003 and hey what do ya know i have instagram to, @__rumina

i don't want more followers i just hope to get to know some people that read my articles, i'm also going to use this moment to tell you that you should like this article and i hope you find it intresting and motivating enough to cut your hair and maybe give yourself some change


Image by rue


Image by rue