Hey guys! This is a story that I have always known since I was little! I don't quite remember how I know it, but I really wanted to share it with you all!

Once upon a time, the days lasted 26 hours, and the clock instead of 12 numbers showed 13. But one day, when chaos ruled our world, those 2 hours disappeared, and now there are only 24.
Even nowadays, this remains a mystery with no-one understanding how or why those 2 hours disappeared. By the time that happened, God couldn't stand it, so he sent a savior to save as many souls as he or she could. Of course, it was impossible to protect all the people, that's why she would have to select people by her choice and save their souls. She had only 30 days to collect those souls.

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Every day at 06:00 in the morning, she would go to the Ark, known as the moon and give the souls to a "holy" plant that would protect them. The more souls she collected, the bigger the plant would grow until it flourished. When the days were over, the God of light would be awakened and would build a whole new world.

After the building of that world, the people on the flower would be sent to live there by God, and the world ruled by the chaos and shadows would be vanished forever...with the people left behind. Nowadays, that world is named earth, and until now, we live peacefully without the chaos that existed before. But who knows what will happen next? That is a mystery that only God knows.

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