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Basic information

name: Georgie
alias: George
birthday: June 17


girl, fashion, and black image eye, eyes, and blue image Image removed beautiful, fashion, and girl image


cosplay, rapunzel, and gothel image disney, tangled, and gothel image disney and tangled image Temporarily removed
Mother Gothel, her mother
disney, neverland, and the lost boys image Temporarily removed
Captain Hook, her stepfather
disney, pirate, and descendants image descendants image
Harry Hook, her step brother


aesthetic, disney, and disney world image tangled image


style, fashion, and skirt image fashion, black, and indie image shoes, boots, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image
A day in the Island
Image by kaelyn ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿป Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and girl image aesthetic, outfit, and red image
A day in Auradon
fashion, dress, and red image Image by Tahire62 hairstyle and hair image nails and style image
King Ben's coronation
Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and lace image aesthetic, alternative, and hair image girl, boots, and shoes image


beautiful, inspiration, and life image cool, aesthetic, and light image angel, quotes, and demon image black, black and white, and personality image


feel the heat, with somebody, and when the night falls image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image arrows and archery image fifty shades of grey, Jamie Dornan, and christian grey image
Dance and archery


Temporarily removed book and spell image
blue hair, colored hair, and hair image evie and descendants image
cameron boyce image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Image removed black, dress, and red image
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Image by || GHADIR || Temporarily removed

Love interest

tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image Image by ๐Ÿ•ธ mermaid, aesthetic, and ocean image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image
Archie, Ariel and Eric's son


Psycho, wallpaper, and cute image Devil, Lyrics, and music image
Sweet but Psycho (Ava Max)
music, song lyrics, and submission image kesha, Lyrics, and this is me image
This Is Me (Keala Settle)
Lyrics, movie, and quote image the greatest showman image
Rewrite The Stars ft Archie (Zac Efron and Zendaya)


"I'm nice, you know. Just know me"

"I am so happy to live this adventure with you"

"I have a crush on Archie ? Pfff that's ridiculous !" * blushes *