finally, it has arrived: autumn is here and one can no longer decline that. my favourite season.
a season full of candle scents, autumn leaves, huge scarves and oh this beautiful lighting.

let's get into the mood with this warming charming playlist i just set up!

  • Bad Suns - Daft Pretty Boys, This Was a Home Once, Cardiac Arrest, Patience, Off She Goes

super relaxed and melodic music from a band i recently discovered

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  • The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather, Daddy Issues, Single

classics can't be missed in this

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  • The Wombats - Give Me a Try, Greek Tragedy

my favourite band with some of their best pieces (in my opinion)

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  • Waterparks - [Reboot]

finally some new stuff from one of my favourite bands, this first song really makes you feel as if you were inside a movie

  • Love Fame Tragedy - My Cheating Heart, Backflip, Brand New Brain

the solo project of my favourite's band's singer is just hitting the perfect emotional autumn vibes

  • Bearings - I Feel It All, So Damn Wrong

rock sounds and strong guitar riffs give these songs the right energy

plus other bands and music project to discover! check it out on spotify!
thank you for reading this article! xoxo