Name: Madison Blake
Age: 17
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Nickname: Madi
Her parents live in England because of work but Madi, her brother and her grandmother were sent to Spain.


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green eyes,long black hair and light skin


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casual: Her style is comfortable. She loves to dress in skirts and to pair it with a jacket or coat.
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aesthetic, body, and dress image girl, makeup, and discord image lips, red, and makeup image Image by Ruth


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Badass and bitchy with those who deserve it but kind with those who earn it.


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art & photography


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Carter Blake (brother). They are so close and would do anything for each other
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Amelia (grandmother). So supportive with her, she is her little princess


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Ander (best friend), Lu (her friend since she was datting Valerio), Rebeca and Nadia (best friends)

Love Intrest

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They truly loved and cared for each other even though Valerio had the worse influence on her. He decided to end things for her own benefit even though he loved her more than anything. Now they are really good friends.
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Guzman was always there for her, checking up on her and making sure she was okay. They would spend quite a lot of time together, they began compelling feelings for each other and eventually fell in love.