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1. first song you heard?

bts, jimin, and jungkook image bts, jin, and jimin image
either run or dope. i can't remember haha~

2. all time favourite song?

Temporarily removed
fire definitely ♡

3. favourite song right now?

jin, so what, and bts image bts, taehyung, and v image
♡ no. 2 creds to sweaterpawschim on twt ♡
so what!

4. favourite japanese song?

gif, kim taehyung, and bts taehyung image
♡ creds to jjks on tumblr ♡
blood sweat & tears!!

5. favourite solo?

7, gif, and mots image
7, gif, and mots image
shadow by yoongi.

6. favourite music video?

Temporarily removed
blood sweat & tears ;))

7. favourite album?

albums, answer, and kpop image album, answer, and cd image
love yourself 結 'answer'

8. favourite cover?

paper hearts, au, and jk image
paper hearts ☆ (≧▽≦) ☆

9. first bias?

Image by . bts, jimin, and park jimin image
i don't have biases anymore, but when i first became an army i did and it was jimin 💌

10. current bias?

kpop, jk, and bts image bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image
♡ no. 2 creds to idareu_jk on twt ♡
probably jungkook~

11. bias wrecker(s)?

Image by Tris♡ bts, v, and taehyung image
♡ no. 2 creds to _nuna_v on twt ♡
yoongi and taehyung! ☆

12. favourite era?

gif, mv, and run image
run era :(( i miss it ngl

13. favourite bt21 character?

aesthetic, candy, and culture image kpop, wallpaper, and bts image
♡ no. 1 creds to callmechin on pinterest ♡

14. favourite choreography?

gif, jungkook, and bts image
blood sweat & tears again haha ;)

15. favourite friend(ship)?

bts, jikook, and jimin image jungkook, jikook, and jimin image
♡ no. 2 creds to sweaterpawschim on twt ♡
probably jikook because their friendship is so cute~

16. best style?

bts, jimin, and park jimin image bts, jimin, and kpop image
♡ no. 2 creds to deathtrap ♡

17. cutest member?

jimin, edit, and icon image icons, kpop, and psd image
♡ no. 2 creds to @candystar97
jimin again oof ☆

18. funniest member?

Temporarily removed bts, suga, and jin image
jin. his jokes shouldn't even be funny, but they are lol.

19. favourite rap line song?

gif, seesaw, and yoongi image
seesaw. i love yoongi's voice uwu ☆

20. favourite vocal line song?

Temporarily removed
house of cards!! it's one of my favourite bts songs :))

21. favourite visual?

Image by . Image by .
♡ no. 1 creds to ThereForYou_J on twt and no. 2 creds to mintoyou_1013 on twt ♡
jimin! lmao i'm sorry.

22. favourite vocalist?

bangtan, jeon jungkook, and kookie‬ image min yoongi, kim seokjin, and jeon jungkook image

23. favourite rapper?

bangtan, yoongi, and icons image bts, suga, and min yoongi image
♡ creds to @jeonsekook9497
yoongi ;)

24. favourite dancer?

baby, kpop, and soft image Image by BTS_Forever🌺
hoseok of course!

25. member you relate to the most?

gif, bts, and jungkook image
♡ creds to ame3_jk on twt ♡
seeing him cry makes me want to cry :(
jungkook. i'm sensitive and tend to cry quite often haha~

26. favourite movie?

Image removed concert, movie, and bts image
♡ no. 2 creds to @moonharvester
bts world tour: love yourself in seoul ♡

27. favourite performance?

Temporarily removed
♡ creds to mnet ♡
mama 2016

28. favourite intro?

gif, boy meets evil, and wings image
boy meets evil.

29. favourite outro?

Image by enola 💕 Temporarily removed
♡ no. 2 creds to @mybom
house of cards!

30. favourite memes?

meme, bts, and yoongi image bts, meme, and jin image
there's loads of bts memes i love lmao.
Image by seth Taehyung
♡ creds to holememe on ig ♡

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