There are many versions about this god's figure.

Some people believe that He was the son of Zeus and Callisto, some believe that he was the son of Hermes and a nymph, who, probably, after the pregnancy leaved him in the wood.

Anyway Pan's features, were more similiar to an animal than a human.

His body was covered with fur, He had a long beard, his teeths were long while on his head he had two horns.

Pan was a wood's god who loved to stay in contact with the nature, He knew every inch of the forest ,He enjoyed to walk through paths, He loved to observe deers and pick up different types of flowers.

But as every living being Pan a day fell in love with a beautiful goddess: Siringa.

He fell very deeply in love with her, his love was very pure and innocent.

In the begin the god tried to talk with her but like most of the times She didn't answer or She ran away from him.

She didn't share his love with him at all but, once Pan who was tired to get misunderstood, followed her through the trees, Siringa noticed him so She began to ran fast and faster but uselessly.

She realized that Pan was going to reach her so She asked desperately to her parents to transform her in whatever they wanted just to don't let her meet him again.

The parents who heared Siringa's prayers, immediately, transformed her in bamboo sticks.

Everything happened in front of Pan's eyes.

After Siringa transformation, Pan cried and brought with him those bamboo sticks that He cut in an unequal way , tied and in the end created a musical instrument who took the name of the goddess who Pan loved so purely.

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Pan with "The siringa" in his left hand.