We're all bored occasionally and friends aren't always around to entertain you sooooo here's some stuff I do when I'm havin' a boring day!

1. Play videogames :)

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I mostly play on my Nintendo Switch, of which my fave game in the whole wide world is Zelda Botw. Besides that, I have a playstation 4 but I don't "love" that console. I really really want to play Nier Automata and I'm praying it will come out on the Switch, since I don't have a gaming computer.

2. Watch some stuff

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Fave shows on Netflix are: Dynasty, Stranger Things and Arrested Development. Next to that I watch kdramas and I really recommend Tempted. Joy is amazing and every single actor/actress is so easy on the eyes. I know some people were hating on that drama, but it's personally my favourite.

3. Spa day!

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Taking care of yourself sometimes feels like a drag but I always feel so much better and clean and nice and smell amazing afterwards. Run a bath, put in some bath salt and bath rose petals, face mask that face and scrub your bod... it's so relaxing.

4. Work out

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When I'm lazy I do yoga, but when I'm feeling more active I join classes at the gym or follow my brother around in the fitness area, bc I have no idea how working out works on my own.

5. Visit family members

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I sometimes visit my grandparents when I have nothing to do all day or have dinner with my family.

6. Play with pets !

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I have two Maine coon cats, they're really cute and are very quick to learn tricks. I can make them sit down and give paw or let them jump on stuff. They also follow me around when I take a walk outside, so it's quite entertaining.

7. Have a lazy day together with my bf

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I have breakfast or lunch somewhere, walk around or stay at home and play games together or watch a movie.

8. Clean & organise up!

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I clean my room, organise my closet, desk or books and I even organise my desktop and computer files.

These were the eight things I do when I'm bored or having a lazy day! Hope someone can get inspiration from this when you have nothing to do.