The second article for today!
This is more interesting than the first one because there a many songs that i love with numbers in the title so here it is:
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SONG: Zero
BAND: Smashing pumpkins
This is one of my favorite songs of smashing pumpkins, i think it's a powerful song with a lot of meaning and besides of that it's on the Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness album one of the greatest of the 90's and i personally think of all times!
and taking advantage that we are talking about smashing pumpkins here it's another song from them

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SONG: 1979
BAND: Smashing Pumpkins
I can only think in one feeling that this song makes me feel and it's NOSTALGIA , nostalgia about the things that are gone like my childhood, the high school, my old friends etc.. i think this is an incredible song and i really think that billy corgan wanted to make you feel nostalgic when you listent to this song. I LOVE IT!

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SONG: Right in Two
One of my favorite songs of a band that i love and i consider in my top. I love the meaning of the song, and i love the album 10,000 days too!

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SONG: forty six & 2

Another great song of an amazing band!
love the meaning and the album AENIMA

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SONG: 12:51
BAND: The strokes
favorite band and one of my favorite songs from the album ROOM ON FIRE!

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SONG: Engine No. 9
BAND: Deftones
Favorite song of this band and an amazing album ADRENALINE!

hope you like this songs too. see ya!