My favourite color

background, blue, and colour image building, city, and travel image blue, neon, and light image weed, school, and grunge image

My favourite season

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

My favourite city

city, sky, and wallpaper image city, sky, and travel image city, sky, and purple image city, light, and travel image

My favourite element

forest, house, and nature image Temporarily removed Image removed nature, mountains, and river image

My favourite place on earth

nature, tree, and forest image aesthetic, Amazon, and animals image Amazon and rainforest image jungle, palm, and river image

My second favourite place on earth

beautiful, bright, and colors image cactus, desert, and plants image nature, sunset, and adventure image cactus, desert, and nature image

My favourite movie

Image removed anna sophia robb, movie, and 2013 image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

My favourite movie 2

victoria justice, ely, and movie image love, couple, and music image ely, naomi, and no kiss list image movie, naomi, and victoria justice image

My favourite movie 3

matt damon, good will hunting, and movie image trust, quotes, and movie image couple, good will hunting, and matt damon image 90s, matt damon, and good will hunting image

My favourite feeling

fashion, dress, and yellow image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and outfit image Image by -

My favourite part og the day

beach, beautiful, and earth image wallpaper, stars, and background image Image by Koka_G_Art wallpaper, sky, and moon image stars, night, and wallpaper image moon, stars, and night image

My favourite thing

wallpaper, space, and moon image galaxy, stars, and wallpaper image Image by Shmiks galaxy and blue image galaxy, wallpaper, and sky image Temporarily removed