You heard it here: Tiny tattoos are trending in a big way. As of late, we’re seeing everything from feminine floral forms and tiny mantras to abstract shapes that can be easily concealed, executed quickly and definitely don’t require the same level of commitment as the large, intricate designs that were popular in recent years. So whether you’re considering ideas for a new tattoo (be it your third or first!), get inspired by these delicate body-art ideas that We Heart It users are loving.


Delicate blooms for the feminine minimalist.

black, body, and chest image
black & white, california, and flowers image
tattoo, flowers, and ink image


Initials and meaningful quotes are eternally sentimental.

art, heart, and tattoo image
arm tattoo, art, and body art image
art, art body, and black and white image


Graceful ways to honor your spirit animal or better yet, your favorite furry companion.

aesthetic, bees, and tattoo image
tattoo, butterfly, and art image
tattoo, dog, and pet image


Dainty shapes and geometric designs that never go out of style.

tattoo, heart, and jeans image
tattoo, triangle, and hands image
small, star, and tattoo image