My heart flutters whenever you speak
I don’t know what you’re doing to me
My eyes linger just a little too long
These feelings for you are so strong

Please Don’t dismiss me
And toss me away
With your lost dreams
Don’t forget about me
The way you do when you sleep

My mind races when I think of you
Even when I know you’ll leave me blue
It hurts when I see you with them
But I knew this was coming

I wish it was real
Oh, if you did feel
this way
about me

My soul is crushed knowing you’re gone
But I see you smile the way you used to
Even though it’s not with me
It still makes me happy
Knowing you are too

With tears down my cheek
My body feels so weak
I can’t fight anymore
If only you believed me when I said

“I’ll love you all my days.
My love for you grows in every way.”

Now I wish I didn’t feel
I wish I wasn’t real
There’s nothing left to heal

And when you look above
You’ll remember how I loved
and how it grew in
every single way