yahoo! i want to be more active here so imma start and try to do my first article whoop whoop ヾ꒰ *ˊᵕˋ꒱ノ 🍥 ,english is not my first language so m sorry if there are errors in my writing ;n;


eyes, girl, and aesthetic image eye, gold, and icon image anime, kimi ni todoke, and sawako image lips and pink image

_ (ꈍᴗꈍ) im a shorty thats really skinny,,, i have long black hair with bangs u-u and smol brown eyes with kinda cute lips _


anime, host club, and honey-senpai image pokemon, cartoon, and flowers image book, fairy tale, and grimm image dog, cute, and meme image

_ I feel proud to say that i´m a bright and positive person (✧ˊ꒳​ˋ✧) i always get called sunshine from my friends and that makes me even more happy 🌙 a bad thing would be that its really hard to me sometimes to deal with frustation _


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and clothes image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image Image removed

_ pink everywhere, details, skirts and dresses, cute/comfty ₍ᐢ.ᆺ.ᐢ₎ _


shoes, Fila, and theme image Temporarily removed pink, shoes, and aesthetic image adidas, shoes, and jeans image

_ most of the time i wear white sneakers with cute socks (ᴗ˳ᴗ) in winter my black ankle boots are essential _


aesthetic, white, and earrings image aesthetic and earrings image fashion, heart, and earrings image boy, details, and earring image

_ I LOVE EARRINGS;(๑°⌓°๑) cute hearts are a must _


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, aesthetic, and makeup image makeup image

_oh god i love makeup so much ;n; i always do a cute asf winged eyeliner, put some orange shadow, lots of blush/highligther and red lips ଘ(੭*ˊ ꒳ ˋ)੭ _


twice, sana, and dahyun image soft image Image removed cake, food, and pink image

_ pink, white and yellow _


anime, fantasy, and magic image Image by Maria cinema paradiso, italian, and italy image oliver, call me by your name, and armie hammer image

_꒰ (≧ω≦) ꒱ i love watching foreign movies, studio ghibli; devdas; cinema paradiso;call me by your name _


outlander image couple, gif, and goals image Image removed Temporarily removed

_ outlander; goblin ; the walking dead; moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo _


lana del rey, lana, and music image ️lorde image hinata, japan, and japanese image twice, tzuyu, and nayeon image

_ヽ( ´3`)ノ lana del rey; lorde ; akb48 ; girl groups _


aesthetic, background, and brown image bunny, kawaii, and okay image flowers, death, and grunge image soft, aesthetic, and bunny image


cat, animal, and cake image aesthetic, dog, and soft image duck, animal, and nature image cat image

_ cats and ducks. period (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ _


gif, pokemon, and psyduck image eevee, flowers, and kawaii image Temporarily removed anime and pokemon image

_I always have a hard time choosing between the pokemon of the first generation KKSDNK but these are some of my babies _


aesthetic, asian, and beautiful image Image removed Image removed anime, food, and boy image

_ (๑˃̵ㅅ˂̵) i love editing videos or photos uwu, I also spend time learning dances and watching anime _

finished ʕ^ㅅ^ʔ I ended up removing and adding some stuff KJDMDJK im kinda lazy ,,, hope u likeed 💛💚💙💜