Jayden looks at Alexa.
-You are hungry?
She looks at him.
-Yes. A little. You?
-I am also hungry a little.
He looks at her.He smiles.
-Do you want to order something online?
She looks at him.She smiles.
-Of course!
-Ok! What do you want to eat?
-One chicken salad!
-Ok! And for drink?
-Strawbwery milkshake!
-And you?
-The same as you!
They both look at each other and smile.
-What do you think if we will eat in a park?
She is surprised She looks at him.He also looks at her.
-If you don’t want then...
-I want.
He is surprised.He looks at her.
-You want?
He looks at her.He smiles.
She also looks at him.She smiles.
-Then, I will order now online!
He takes his phone from his pocket.He makes the order online.
She looks at him.She smiles: He is so sweet! And cute...He is making an order for me and him for our first date. Our first meal together. I am so lucky to have a boyfriend like him!
She looks at him.She smiles: I am happy! You make me happy...Jayden.
He finish making the order on-line.He looks at her.He smiles.
-I give the order!
She looks at him.She smiles.
-Is good!
-Yes! The order will be in the park after 30 minutes!
-Which park?
-Is a park near this shop! I put that park adress!
-We go now?
-In the park! To wait for the food!
They both look at each other and smile.
Then, they leave the shop holding hands and smiling.
Alexa and Jayden are outside.They go to the park.
After 5 minutes...
They are in front of the park.They enter the park.
He looks at her.
-Do you want to sit down on a bench?
She looks at him.
-Yes. Is very hot outside.
-Do you want to buy a bottle of water?
-It will be good.
-Ok! I will go and buy you a bottle of water! You wait for me on a bench! OK?
He wanted to let go slowly of her hand, but she holds his hand stronger.
He is surprised.He looks at her.She also looks at her.She gets sad.
-You...will come back to me,no?
He looks at her.
-Of course.
She looks at her.She is sad: I am so afraid...to lose you.
He looks at her.
-Don’t be afraid. You will not lose me.
Loving you – Various artists
She is surprised.She looks at him: You...read my mind again? How is possible?
He looks at her.
-I will come back to you. Don’t worry. Ok?
She looks at him.
He takes slowly his hand from her hand.She is sad.He looks at her.He smiles.
Then, he leaves.She looks after him.She is sad.
Then she remembers what Jayden told her.Then she smiles: Ok, Jayden! I will not be afraid from now on!
She smiles more.
Then she sits on the bench.
After a few minutes,Jayden comes back to Alexa.
He looks and gives the bottle of water to Alexa.He smiles.She takes the bottle and looks at Jayden.She smiles.
-Thank you!
-You welcome!
Then she drinks water from the bottle.
He also sits down on the same bench.
After she drinks the water,he looks at her.
-You feel better now?
She also looks at him.She smiles.
-Yes! Thank you!
-Is good!
-You...care about me?
-Of course!
-Because...if you are good, I am also good.
She is impressed.She looks at her.She smiles.
-I am good! How are you?
He also looks at her.He smiles.
-I am also good!
They both look at each other and smile.