Hi everyone ! I'm Angela, in this article I'm gonna tell you 5 reasons why Honey is your best ally + 2 BONUS facts about honey !

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Let's start!


Honey is composed of 20% of water so it's make it a great hydratant for your hair, your skin and your lips !

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Honey is naturarly an antibactirial so it's perfect to prevent pimples or dandruffs.

Great for your hair and skin = 2 in 1 !


Honey is also a great anti-inflammatory, it is really useful to cure pimples or throat inflammation.

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Again, Honey is multifonctionnel !


Honey has the property to help the skin regenerate herself and it is a great option for scars - particularly acne scars - and dandruffs.

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Some hospitals use honey in their bandage to help the cicatrisation of plaie and burns.


Honey is particularly rich in antioxidants, that make it a great way to prevent the ageing of the skin by ingeration or application.

Bonus !

  • A study on 50 men between 15 and 30 yo found that honey help the body eliminate alcohol faster and reduce hangover symptoms.
  • Honey has anti insomnia properties, eating a tea spoon of thyme honey in a hot beverage 1h before bed is particularly recommend to help the sleep.
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And that's why Honey is your best ally !
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