I saw a lot of you guys doing articles so.. I'm giving it a shot.

Lets start with the basic info

My name is Aleksandra
I'm 22
I live in a small country in Europe :) We are kind of invisible for the rest of the world
I'm s collage student currently starting my third year of animation and i cant wait to you my projects someday

~what i like to do:

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I love to travel a lot. i have been to a lot of country's and i think that that i have just scratched the surface of my traveling life

~I love to read books and I love watching movies

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I'm mostly into action movies but i love to go to the cinema and watch a really good horror movie

~I'm not that into fashion but every girl loves to feel comfortable

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion image

~ music

for me personally i like every kind of music .. rock pop county i don't really care

*I hope that I will make a lot of new friends*

_Lots of love Alex