Hi everyone! In first, Thank you for the 1000 followers.

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I decide to introduce myself for my 1st article. My name is Calie, I’m almost 17 yo. I’m french so I’m sorry for the mistakes. (If you spot mistakes do not hesitate to tell me).

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I’m bisexual and I’m a Scorpio.
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I like singing, dancing, watching tv show, reading and writing.
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I have also 3 horses at home (one of them is my sister’s).

I will do my articles in English and French. I will try to post at regular intervals every two weeks on Sunday (yeah I know it’s Monday, I’m already late).
I will also post articles that will be part of a «series» every Monday, so today there will be another article and for the following weeks it will be the same theme.

For the pics, I wanted to post at least 10 pics every four days but I think I’ll do it when I want so it probably will not be as regular as the articles.

Don’t hesitate to proposed me articles or collections that you would like to see on my account. All ideas are good.

(Like you can see I couldn't post as I wanted to, but I'm going to try to post regularly)

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoy the next ones.