Hi there!

I'd like to share my fave songs of september so far!

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pin: my own collection girl power

Conan Gray - Comfort Crowd

cones songs have this atmosphere thats warm and friendly, unlike checkmate though. comfort crowd made me feel like I was there when cone wrote it! y'all should totally check it out

Clairo & Musa Musa - I Don't Think I Can Do This Again

claire is back at it again with the amazing music! I've been into indie alternative for a little while now and this just makes it whole. I love how the song starts out soft. Musa Musa did an amazing job as well. Side note: im going to Claires concert December 16!

Janelle Monae ft Grimes - Pynk

I love how soft but edgy the song is, mostly because of the lyrics. don't have lots so say about it, its amazing.

New Politics - Tonight You're Perfect

This just takes me back to the old days of 2013-15. Ive listened to this on repeat back then together with another song. I love the happy vibe and fits every season really.

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Yungblud - Loner

as I said I've been listening to more alternative/edgy music and you cant do it without this bad boy! I do really relate to this though lmao

Silver Sphere - Waste My Time

I discovered Sophie through weheartit to be honest! she's in my randomly cute collection. because I thought she was really pretty I decided to google her back in march I think. I love all of her songs, waste my time isn't an exception

Param4yo - A Million

Param4o is a good friend of my stepfather, Jimmydjobeats. who makes amazing music, the atmosphere is very happy and was the ultimate summer hit 2019 (maybe the one of 2020 too?)!

I'll see y'all babes later, my class ends!

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