Favorite BOY-character

after movie, hero fiennes tiffin, and hardin scott image after and hero fiennes tiffin image hessa, hardin scott, and after movie image after, safe, and gorgeous image
Hardin Scott. I like his eyes so so so so much.

Favorite GIRL-character

movie, after, and molly samuels image movie, pink hair, and molly samuels image actress, after, and behind the scenes image after movie, molly samuels, and after image
Molly Samuels. Her pink hair is amazing!!

I hate this character

boyfriend, college, and movie image book, selma blair, and after movie image after, selma blair, and tessa young image book, romance, and after movie image
Carol Joung. I don`t understand this woman and her orders.

Favorite couples

hessa, after, and hero image Image by รωεεƭ ℓเҡε cαɳ∂ყ after and hessa image hessa, after, and tessa young image
Hessa of course.

Favorite moment of the film

after movie, tessa young, and anna todd image couple, tessa, and after movie image after, tessa young, and josephine langford image book, boy, and girl image
HESSA. The scene in the bathroom.

Some kisses for you

after, couple, and Hot image gorgeous, harrypotter, and hero image after, hessa, and kiss image amor, couple, and hero image couple, after movie, and hessa image Relationship, tessa, and after movie image
oops... Or many:)

I love you as Hardin loves Tessa.