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My k-pop colletion:

1| Soloists or Groups?

Groups, but I also like soloists, like Sunmi, Chungha, Jay park, Hyuna…

exo, Chen, and kai image girl, girl group, and kpop image
(EXO and Twice) EXO is my utt group, btw.

2| Girlgroups or Boygroups?


bts, jungkook, and jimin image Image by ᴘɪ
BTS and NCT are my second utt groups, I LOVE THEM. But I also stann giirlgroups.

3| Vocalists or Rappers?

Vocalists. This is the hardest question for me. I love vocal and rap parts so much!!! But if I had to choose just one to hear for the rest of my life I would choose vocalists.

kpop, kang, and day6 image skz image Image removed 17, icons, and kpop image
(Young K- day6 | Woojin- Stray kids | Kihyun- Monsta X | Seungkwan-Seventeen)

4| Hyungs/Unnies or Maknaes?


Image removed solar, mamamoo, and 솔라 image
( S.coups- Seventeen |Solar-Mamamoo)

5| Badass concepts or Cute concepts?

Badass concepts. They make me feel powerful.

adios, aesthetics, and asian image
(Everglow- Adios)

6| Sub-Units or Solos?


Temporarily removed ten, taeyong, and nct image
(EXO CBX-Horololo | NCT U-Baby don’t stop)

7| 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen groups?

3rd gen. (For me 3rd generation is 2010-2020, I saw this on the internet so I don’t know if it’s right)

gfriend and kpop image jackson, JB, and JYP image
(Gfriend | Got7)

8| Collabs with western or korean artists?

Collabs with Korean artists.

Temporarily removed Image by Anitta
( Ailee and Seventeen- Q&A | IU and G-dragon -Palette )

9| Albums or Lightsticks?

Albums, but if someone want to give me a lightstick I will not say “no”.

Image removed

10| Title- or Sidetracks?

Title-tracks, but if I like the group I like almost all songs.

joy, wendy, and irene image exo, kpop, and superm image
(Red velvet-Zimzalabim | EXO-love shot)

11| Music videos or Dance practices?

Music videos, because there’s a story in most of them.

Temporarily removed
(BTS- Run)

12| SM or YG or JYP?

SM. Actually is hard to choose, because there’re always some bad things in every company. (Most of these bad things have to do with mishandling idols).

kpop image korea, kpop, and super junior image
(SNSD | Super Junior)

13|Fanmeetings or Concerts?

Concerts. (I have never been to a concert or fanmeeting)

rm, bts, and namkook image celebrate, concert, and daesung image
(BTS concert | Bigbang concert)

14| Natural hair colors or dyed hair?

Dyed hair.

loona and choerry image Image by Anitta
( Choerry- LOONA | kai-EXO) I like their natural hairs too!! I just think this color hair is magic.

I wanted to make you the challenge of answering these questions too, mark me and give the credits for the person who made the questions, please.

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