Dear Hearters,

In this (very random) article I wanted to share my opinion on We Heart It as a social media.

While there's a very popular, and in many ways justified opinion that social media is bad for us, I must say that WHI is my safe place when it comes to social media.

Through years on WHI I've made my account some sort of my personal diary, and yet I don't feel ashamed of any period of my life that pictures on my account represent. Personal, honest and full of inspiring pictures and people - that's what WHI is.

Here are some pictures I've hearted in different periods of my life and that now create some sort of timeline:

Early teenage years

friends, best friends, and bff image lol, miley cyrus, and douglas booth image
I made WHI account when I was 14, few months before I would start high school. At that time I was all about BFFs and very very romantic, waiting for my high school romance to happen.

High school years

Inspiring Image on We Heart It justin bieber, never say never, and believe image
High school, however, was nothing like my expectations, so the things I now remember the most are my teen idols and trying to accept myself the way I am, flaws included.

Movies, books, series

harry potter, book, and coffee image food, FRUiTS, and gossip girl image
High school years were also those when I woke up my inner geek, so every tv series, movie or book I've ever seen or read still can be found on my account.

Uni years

motivation, study, and school image Temporarily removed
And just like that, it was time for me to start university and get serious (although I've never actually got serious).

Present time

house, nature, and autumn image Temporarily removed
So, here I am now, a granny still posting on WHI.

That was a joke, though. I'm still going to the uni, which is why I don't post so often but I still love WHI and the way it inspires me.

So, with this article I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the creators of WHI and all the people posting and sharing what inspires them. I feel like WHI, as a social media, allows us to be ourselves and not pretend to be perfect or have a perfect life. And that is so percious.

Thank you for reading this very long article and have a nice day ♥