hi there!

about a year ago I posted a similar kind of article here in weheartit, and just recently I realised it had gotten quite a lot of attention. I also noticed that some of the pictures I had used had been deleted so the article was sort of, unkempt. so I decided to edit it a little. as I was filling in the gaps and changing some of the texts, I realised how different my life was and how differently I would "define myself" with photos today, compared to the photos I had chosen a year ago.

so I've decided to do this again, how I, after a year of fundamental change in my personal life, would define myself in pictures.

hope ya like it!!♥


fashion, style, and black image Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and aesthetic image fashion, blue, and style image
i still wear a lot of hoodies and sweaters, but these days it's not to hide myself from the world, but to just feel warm and 'cause i think i look like a fucking boss in hoodies


moon, beach, and aesthetic image green, jewelry, and ring image yellow, aesthetic, and window image storm, grunge, and sky image
these days i like a lot more brighter and happier colours, but i still love the sort of, melancholy feeling of darker tones


red, aesthetic, and seoul image bedroom, home, and sunset image study, coffee, and school image helsinki and pride image
the last place is Helsinki, specifically the area around Helsinki Cathderal and the university, i love it there


Halloween, pumpkin, and cat image night, snow, and street image car, dark, and home image light, autumn, and fall image
autumn and winter, definitely my favourite seasons


food and sushi image burrito, recipe, and vegan image coffee, food, and cake image avocado, Barcelona, and inspiration image
i'm a vegetarian but i do eat fish, and i drink an alarming amount of coffee and tea


girl, snow, and winter image vintage, dance, and dress image Temporarily removed frases, quotes, and libro image
snowboarding, dancing, playing video games and studying spanish. i don't do these things as often as i would like, but i still consider them hobbies


cat, manga, and cute image cat, strawberry, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, animal, and sky image
i'm a bitch for cats


quotes, brooklyn 99, and b99 image criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and dr spencer reid image scandal, tv show, and kerry washington image western, thomas brodie-sangster, and drama image
brooklyn 99, criminal minds, scandal, godless


Image removed jihyo and twice image eunseo, cosmic girls, and wjsn image seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image
chungha, jihyo, eunseo, seulgi. they're all kpop singers and damn they're gorgeous


Image by Juli ⭐️

hey thanks if you made it this far, hope you have a wonderful day, imma head out!

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