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  • Name : Jazz
  • Alias : The Shadow Girl, J, Métis (who is the goddess of cunning)
  • Age : 18 years old
  • Occupation : Student, businesswoman, expert in black magic.
  • Backstory : She’s always lived on the island where it’s the law of the strongest, so from a very young age she learned to perfect her talents for magic. She quickly surpassed her father and made a name for herself among the most powerful witches on the island. Jazz is introduced in Descendants 2 when Mal went back on the Isle.

Appearence :

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Parents :

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Dr. Facilier, also known as the Shadow Man.

Home :

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A little voodoo shop in town, The Isle of The Lost.

Style :

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She loves Wax clothes and loose shirts.

Accesories :

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Always with her crow cane and her hat. She thinks it gives her more prestige but the cane is mostly used to correct intruders who break into her store.

Personality :

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Smart, lonely, selfish, manipulative, proud, love to make deals, a lot of repressed anger.

Power :

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Like her father, she can use black magic and voodoo religion. She is also really good at reading cards.

Solo song :

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Her first song is "Let's Make a Deal! " where she offers her help to Mal for rescuing Ben in exchange for a place in Auradon.
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Her second song is "Man! I Feel Like a Woman! " by Shania Twain which takes place in Auradon. She tells others that she is fed up with prejudices and expectations and that there is more to life than knowing if one is the daughter of princesses or villains. She won her place in Auradon so she intends to take advantage of it despite the bad tongues that whisper in its passage.

"Want to make some noise, really raise my voice
Yeah, I want to scream and shout
No inhibitions, make no conditions
Get a little outta line
I ain't gonna act politically correct
I only want to have a good time."

Friends :

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She prefers to be alone, but she appreciates the company of Uma. There is a mutual respect between Jazz and her because they both built their reputations from scratch. However it does not prevent Jazz from offering her help to Mal when Ben is kidnapped by Uma. This does not surprise Ursula's daughter because she knows that Jazz never misses a golden opportunity. She doesn’t even blame her knowing she’d do the same to get off the island.
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She and Hook are always bickering but they secretly value each other. He often comes to see her before a battle to have her read his future from tarot cards.
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She always saw Carlos as her little brother. She was hurted when he left the island and even more disappointed when she saw that neither he nor the other elected officials were making any effort to help the rest of them get off the island. She promised herself that if she ever got to Auradon one day she would do anything to break down the barrier.

Formal :

  • Cotillion :
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Her Quotes :

"No one made me. I made me."

"Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things."

"Hoping is bullshit. You have to act."

"Most of the time, I can hide it, but... I am angry. I am mad at everything."