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Hello, folks.

Today's article is all about my favourite musician of all time, yungblud.
In case you don't know about him, here's some facts for you:

  • He was born on August 5th, 1997 in Yorkshire, England.
  • His real name is Dominic Harrison.
  • His debut single came out when he was nineteen.

Now, after some really basic information about him, let's get to the questions.


1 | how did you first discover yungblud?

yungblud image yungblud image
youtube recommendations - one of the few times they are actually helpful.

2 | what is one thing you love about him?

yungblud image loner, loser, and pink image
i just love that he's being himself, and his music, and his accent is really cute (that's more than one, but hey).

3 | what's your favourite song by him?

Lyrics and yungblud image yungblud image
die a little.

4 | what do you think is his most underrated song?

yungblud, alternative, and emo image yungblud image
since he's not that known/popular in our country/region, i'd say every song he's ever made, sadly.

5 | what song do you not like that much?

Mature image airport, black, and music image
doctor doctor, tbh.

6 | your favourite music video?

yungblud image Abusive image
psychotic kids, although every single one is really great.


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