Saturday (The Wedding Song)
By Sammy Wilk
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"I can take your over time feel summer time baby I can blow your mind just to let you know your mind pour your heart inside this glass drunk in looove"
Walk With Me
By Cosmo's Midnight + KUCKA
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"I just got a text from you, boy Told me that you're waiting outside Don't think you're around for goodbye It felt like I went back in time"
By Souly Had
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"Who taught ya how to move like that Throw it back, you my old school crush"
Day Dreaming
By Jack & Jack
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"Kiss me underneath the moonrise Shotgun in the Jeep It's paradise, it's just you and me 'Cause I'm Daydreaming, dreaming"
Say It
By Emily Warren
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"That's when you kiss me, and that's when I'm thinking I should memorize the taste in case it ever goes away"
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"Do I matter? I'm ecstatic, I'm depressed Mother, God's special mess, never had no halo Trippy, I can barely hike it out of bed"
By Post Malone
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"Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away"
Crush Culture
By Conan Gray
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"Crush culture makes me wanna spill my guts out I know what you're doing, tryna get me to pursue ya"
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"Spending all my nights alone, waiting for you to call me You're the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep"
No Guidance
By William Singe
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"I don't wanna play no games, play no games Fuck around, give you my last name"