Hi, this is my first article on WHI and i just want to start with something that i love that is MUSIC.

I'm going to start with a challenge of 30 day songs and the first day is a song that i like with a color in the title and I think there are few songs that i like with a color so here is my list:

autumn, fall, and road image

Song: Amber
Band: 311
So this is a classic song of 311 of the album with the same name amber you have listened at one time in you life!.
i don't remember exactly the time where i listened for the first time this song but i want to thank that song to introduce me to the great band that is 311!

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Song: Red Light
Band: The Strokes
The strokes is my favorite band at this time and this is a song of the third album first impression of earth

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image

Song: Yellow ledbetter
Band: Pearl Jam
Another classic song of a classic band!
personally i don't love pearl jam but this song gives me chills everytime i listen!

Hope you like that songs too and if you haven't listened yet you should! :p