Hi there..! It's Monday here and i'm quiet bored, so i started my very first article on We Heart It. Sorry i'm not very good at greeting, so..

So here, imma get to the point. My name is "Isma" but i might tell you my real name later, and i'm 21 years old (i will be 21 by the end of this year). I'm a Southeast Asian girl, more specifically i live in Indonesia, the astronomical location is 6 NL - 11 SL - and 95 EL - 141 EL, maybe someone will need it, who knows).

My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, and i'm not very fluent in English (you might find the grammar quite messy here). And since i'm majoring in International Relations, i think i would need to communicate more in English with people. And to understand what the native speakers say on movies without looking at the English subtitle is a pretty good idea. Yea, so that's why i want to improve my English skills and other language as well!

I also would be very interested in talking a little about political ideas in various countries, science, movies, books, etc (regardless of your age, gender or nationality). I would like to have broad and open minded person to talk with, and having friends from totally different backgrounds sounds very interesting!

More basic information about me:

Wall Climbing

✧Favorite People
Keanu Reeves
Carl Sagan

✧Favorite Movie Genre
Science Fiction
Psychological Thriller
Romantic Comedy

What should i put more here?
I think that's enough.

So if any of you could help me with this matter, i would greatly thankful and appreciate it. Please send me a message if you're interested.
Thank you..! 😊😊

Warmest Regards from me, and have a great day !! 😊❤︎