Hey guys, it's Nicole. I am back with another article. This was another article I wanted to do for a while. But I forgot until I saw the chart on my whiteboard. I know that Prom is out of season but my last prom yesterday with 3 months ago so I wanted to share this. Also remember it's remember it's never to early to buy a prom dress. I got all of mine in January. So I am going to to discuss everything from my date to the prom overall and everything in between. Also I went to 3 proms so that is what the numbers stand for.

1. One of my friends from my venture crew. It was his junior prom
2. My at the time boyfriend. It was our junior prom
3. A family friend of mine. It was my senior prom

1. No. A simply ask via phone call
2. Yes. During History Class on Valentine's Day
3. Yes. But I did it after the prom.

Dress and Shoes
1. A grey mermaid dress that someone give to me and a pair of black booties that I had
2. A short blue dress that I got at the mall and bedazzled sneakers with legwarmer
3. A gold dress from Lord and Taylor and a pair of wedges that I put gems on

His Tie
1. It was purple and grey striped
2. Blue and red to match my friend and my dresses
3. A bowtie with gold polka dots

1. charm necklace and bracelet
2. His necklace that he give me and a charm bracelet
3. Gold leaf choker

1. Half up half down
2. Braid bun
3. Updo and curls

1. Purple and silver shimmer
2. Blue eye makeup
3. Gold shimmer

1. Silver
2. Dark blue and silver
3. Gold french tips

1. Purple and white
2. White with a red and blue ribbon
3. White with gold trim

1. His house
2. My friend's house and the place where the prom was
3. The town's gazebo and someone's house

1. His father's BMW
2. My uncle's raptor
3. My friend's mother car

Prom Overall & Rating
1. It was his school prom. It was 5/18/17. We sat at Table 19 with his friends. They were nice people. I would give it an 8. For my first prom, it was really nice. I was good first prom
2. It was our prom. 3/22/18 the day after a snow storm. We sat at table 11 with no one that we really knew. I would give it an 6. His mom messed up a lot of things and didn't match us.
3. It was my last and third prom. It was also my senior prom. It was Friday 6/14/19
We sat at table 28 with all of our friends and he talked to everyone. I would give it a 10. It was my favorite one and it was amazing. For all the stress we had before hand, it was worth it.

Okay so that is my prom article. I hope you enjoyed reading it, if you did give it a like. I spend a lot of time writing this so I would love if you would do that. And I will talk to you in the article which is going to be real soon.