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hi guys! today I bring you this article where we will meet this wonderful group of kpop: "onlyoneof", I hope you like it and that you can love them as much as I do, so let's start!

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they are onlyoneof <3

they are a rookie kpop group consisting of seven members, which are Yoojung,Mill,Love,KB,Nine,Rie and Junji.
they debuted with the songs "time leap" and "savanna" on May 28 of this year [2019] and is the first group of boys from their entertainment agency RSVP and 8D Creative.

then, let's meet each one ...

- yoojung

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-stage name: yoojung.
-birth name: lee tae-yeob.
-position: dancer and vocalist.
-birthday: may 29, 1997.
-zodiac sign: gemini
-blood type: a
-weight: 56 kg

fun facts!
-he loves the Harry Potter saga, several spells are known by heart and his favorite is: "petrificus totalus".
-trained in dance for 8 years.
-doesn't like spicy food.
-his hobby is watching performances.
-his goal is to get first place after onlyoneof's debut.
-his motto is: "my life began with the dance and will end with the dance".
-if I could talk to your future self I would tell you to be grateful and kind.

- mill

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-stage name: mill.
-birth name: lee yong-soo.
-position: rapper.
-birthday: march 30, 1999.
-zodiac sign: aries.
-height: 1,87 cm.
-weight: 54 kg.
-blood type: b

fun facts!
-he is very good at football.
-his nickname given by fans is: Millangies Hwaimill :D
-he admires GOT7 and aspires to be like Winner or iKON.
-his inspiration is Jay Park.
-mill has hard to read/bad handwriting [his letter is not understood].

- love

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-stage name: love.
-birth name: park ji-sung.
-position: leader, main vocalist.
-birthday: january 17,1994.
-zodiac sign: capricorn.
-blood type: b.
-height: 1,82 cm.
-weight: 63 kg.

fun facts!
-his motto is: "believe in me, because I'm right".
-their roles in the group are: being a mother, angel and prophet.
-his sleeping habits are: rolling in bed and falling.
-his hobbies are shopping alone and running while listening to music.
-his specialty is to wrap the members in a flag of his love!
-he likes all foods, taking selfies, listening to music at dawn and his fans.
-he first appeared on the ViVi MV [LOONA], "everyday i love you".
-appeared in the web drama "first love story".
-trained for 6 years.

- KB

kb and onlyoneof image kb and onlyoneof image

-stage name: KB.
-birth name: shin kyu-bin.
-position: rapper.
-birthday: april 23,1992.
-zodiac sign: taurus.
-height:1,80 cm
-blood type: b.
-weight: 64 kg.

fun facts!
-his hobbies are playing guitar, listening to music, composing songs and bowling
-i'ts motto is: "determination + positivity = adaptation".
-he likes his pillow, finding good music and his hometown.
-he has already completed his mandatory military service, as he was in the army before debuting.
-originally, he wanted to be a comedian, but upon entering his agency he decided to become an idol, since he wanted to perform his music on stage and give people good music.
-he was also together with love in the web drama "first love story".
-he is happy when he buys new clothes and sees that he looks good.

- nine

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-stage name: nine.
-birth name: jung wook-jin.
-position: vocalist and maknae.
-birthday: december 13, 1999.
-zodiac sign: sagittarius.
-height:1,77 cm.
-blood type: o.

fun facts!
-his motto is: "consider things from another perspective".
-he doesn't like cucumbers, spicy food and sleep too much.
-what he would like to say to himself in a year would be: "nine! you're already 22 years old, how strong! have a little more strength! I hope so!".
-he hates warm weather.
-when he sleeps little, nine, he feels heavy like a rock and that makes him very sad.
-his specialty is cute and pretty laughs.
-the first thing he does when getting up is to check the fan cafe.
-his hobbies are listening to new songs and reading the fan cafe's letters.

- rie

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-stage name: rie.
-birth name: lee sung-ho.
-position: vocalist and dancer.
-birthday: november 6, 1996.
-blood type: a.

fun facts!
-his hobbies are watching YouTube videos, especially fishing videos.
-his motto is: "you have a life, don't regret it".
-he studies Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth to sing and Kai [EXO], Taemin [Shinee] and Jimin [BTS] to dance.
-the first thing he does rie when he wakes up is to watch some television.
-his habit of sleeping is snuggling like a shrimp.
-when he has time for his rest, he likes to play.
-he is happy when he eats chicken and when his family watches his videos and they like them.
-he likes chicken and tea.

- junji

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-stage name: junji.
-birth name: kim jun-hyung.
-position: vocalist and dancer.
-birthday: april 6, 1998.
-zodiac sign: aries.
-blood type: b.
-weight: 61 kg.
-height: 1,81 cm.

fun facts!
-his role in the group is to be the shy boy.
-his specialty is freestyle dancing.
-he likes Jjajangmyeon, roasted chicken soup, spicy sausage stew, fried chicken with cheese powder on the outside, pork ribs, lamb skewers and feeling happy.
-he doesn't like horror movies.
-he studies Jungkook [BTS] to act and sing.
-if he could talk to his self of the future he would ask: are you still happy?
-the first thing he does when he wakes up is to wash his face and drink coffee.
-wants to be the lead vocalist.

that's it! I hope you liked this article very much and that you love onlyoneof with all your heart just like me!