1. What I look like

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I have south east asian and european features, golden brown hair, hazel eyes and I'm not very tall or sumthin'.

2. My Style

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I actually don't like wearing black so I have loads of colours in my closet. I love boyfriend/mom jeans but I'm a sucker for skirts and dresses and matching sets too. Also, oversized denim jackets are like... my thing.

3. Kicks

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High heels make my whole existence hurt so I prefer sneakers. Big ugly chunky sneakers are awesome, but my fave kicks are my comme des garçons converse shoes. Also, I'm into (idk goth style?) boots.

4. Accessories

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Don't rlly do handbags anymore as I tend to be too active with my hands/arms to keep holding a bag. I rather strap it to my back so I can do shiz, know what I'm saying? Still like 'em, tho!

5. Jewellery

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Glittery nails, hair clips, silver diamond (ear)rings are the shiz in my eyes.

6. Makeup

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On everyday-basis I'm too lazy to put in a lot of effort, so I do a light natural makeup. But for events I like to do a bit more. Honestly, if it ain't natural, it ain't look good on me. Eyeliner = life, though.

7. Spirit Animal

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Basically foxes prefer to be with their own leash and are kind of... unbothered... I guess? They're friendly and curious and playful.

8. Fave movies

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Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Kimi No Na Wa & Avengers franchise... I mean, the first two were my childhood and shaped me as a person. I had a big crush on both Haku and Howl when I was little hehhh.

9. Fave singers

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Niki & Kiana's voices = heaven. Lyrically, I love BTS's themes and concepts and the fact they give every song & music vid their all. Anddddd Joji & the whole 88rising crew gets my love.

10. Top 4 food

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My mom's asian so I have rice and shiz for dinner every night, but even though I crave non asian food often, nothing can top sushi, ramen, tom kha kai, sate and baozi on my list.

11. Fave drinks

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Boba, homemade apple cinnamon tea, iced tea & orange juice!

Was inspired by @Shimmeryxskies post!
Never rlly participated in Whi community before but finally found the effort to do so :)
I wanna post more in the future hehe.