Name :

girls love, illustration, and webcomic image Image by •᷄ɞ•᷅
Ivy : means beloved or cherished in Hebrew.

Power :

Image by tenderlygirl interior design, lamp, and lighting image colors, crystal, and rainbow image light, hands, and power image
Fairy of emotions and stones.

Weapon :

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The ring of emotions and the rings of crystals.

Habilities :

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Empathy and emotions control, absorption of stones energy and astral projection.

Appearance :

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Long blue hair with brown eyes, big smile, a dimple and neck tatoo.

Personality :

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She is protective, caring and warm even if at first glance she seems really severe, secret or reserved. she is a philanthropist who always respects her principles.
- likes : singing, the smell of plants, listen to her friends, bright places.
- dislikes : doing anything, liars, rude person and competition.

Daily look :

  • Clothes
fashion, girl, and outfit image blue, fashion, and aesthetic image blue, casual, and chill image Temporarily removed fashion, dress, and white image clothes, dress, and outfit image
  • Shoes
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  • Accessories
crystal, necklace, and white image Temporarily removed

Dressed up look :

  • Clothes
Image by Androu rosie huntington whiteley, model, and Versace image fashion and sparkle image fashion, dress, and runway image
  • Shoes
fashion, high heels, and highheels image shoes, fashion, and heels image black, fashion, and glorious image Image removed
  • Accessories
accessories, beautiful, and beauty image cool, crown, and draw image

Princess look :

  • Clothes
Image removed dress and wedding image dress, light, and met gala image dress, fashion, and moda image fashion image dress, fashion, and gold image
  • Shoes
shoes, fashion, and style image shoes, fashion, and heels image Image by ✨⚡️ shoes, heels, and high heels image
  • Accessories
tiara image design, diamond, and ethnic image

Fairy look :

  • Wings
fairy, wings, and beautiful image fairy, wings, and aesthetic image
  • Clothes, shoes & accessories
Image by ♅ fashion and dress image shoes, heels, and diamonds image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nails, beauty, and nail art image
  • Makeup
Temporarily removed beautiful, beauty, and fashion image

Pet :

baby and fox image fox, fennec, and animal image
A fennec : named cosmo.

Bithplace and birthday :

amazing, art, and fantasy image aesthetic, architecture, and fantasy image art, fantasy, and game image art, fantasy, and nature image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Emosiya, 9 mai 1995. The kingdom of prosperity and happiness.


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She has a younger brother a year younger and her parents are the victims of a curse since the battle of Domino (they are forced to live in the sea because when they are on the surface, they lose all their vital energy).

Personal :

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In love with Luca, a specialist from Lymphea who is very blunt and mysterious but overprotective with her.
Her bestfriend is Helia because him and his grandfather Saladin take care of her and her brother after the curse of his parents. She is really friend with Flora too because she know her since their childhood because Lymphea and Emosiya are neighboring planets. And she know Riven very well because he is from Emosiya too (they always argue about his behavior with Musa).