Saw this on trending and the photo used in the article is actually one that I took years ago on campus .. I thought it'd be cool to actually do this (โ—'โ—ก'โ—).

I. What is your favorite season?

autumn, girl, and leaves image

II. What is your favorite color?


III. In which season were you born?

autumn, September, and fall image Temporarily removed

IV. Which season type are you?

Image by beth
Autumn; I get cold easily and I like wearing hoodies and sweaters.


I. What is your favorite fall drink and food?

autumn, Cinnamon, and latte image
Pumpkin spice latte

II. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Halloween image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image
1990s, haunted house, and the nightmare before christmas image
The Nightmare Before Christmas

III. What do you love most about fall?

autumn, beauty, and cold image
colorful leaves and sweaters
cold, snow, and christmas image autumn, beauty, and colors image

IV. What is your favorite fall fashion item?

autumn, fall, and cozy image fashion, sweater, and autumn image
sweaters (๏ฟฃyโ–ฝ,๏ฟฃ)โ•ญ

V. What is your favorite fall activity?

autumn, fall, and apple image apple-picking, apples, and green image
Temporarily removed
Apple picking

VI. What is your fall color?

fashion, outfit, and jeans image autumn, cats, and cozy image
olive green and yellow

I'm just gonna end it here, the other seasons are no fun (except for Christmas) (โ“ฟ_โ“ฟ).