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wнo ιѕ тнe laѕт perѕon yoυ нeld нandѕ wιтн ?

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one of my friends, very precious moment

wнιcн planeт ιѕ yoυr ғavorιтe ?

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Venus, planet of taurus in astrology, linked to love. Also, the name of my favorite goddess. Soothing atmophere.

wнaт ĸιnd oғ people are yoυ aттracтed тo ?

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unpredictable people, when I feel everything can change overnight with them. People who stay child with me and people who can laugh all time but who seem to be broken hearts in the same time....i know

are yoυ eaѕy тo geт along wιтн ?

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Social anxieties make me sensitive in social interactions and push me to get along with everyone

ave yoυ ever lιĸed ѕoмeone and noт тold тнeм ?

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My whole life im so shy wwwwww

wнaтѕ yoυr тo pιcĸ υp lιne ?

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wнaт anιмal woυld yoυ lιĸe тo вe ?

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A PIG omg they eat all time and they are always so happy

wнaт do yoυ do wнen yoυ waĸe υp ?

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i wonder what day it's to know if i can fall asleep or not

wнaт color are yoυ ѕocĸѕ ?

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i love my black and white socks with my vans currently

wнaт are ғιve oғ yoυr ғavorιтe gιrlѕ naмeѕ ?

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i don't know really but i love the name Léandre omggg, so dainty name

do yoυ preғer day or nιgнт and wнy ?

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NIGGGHT; life seems to be more beautiful and everything is possible at night, incredible feeling

wнaт woυld yoυ dreaм parтner вe lιĸe ?

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ideally a anime character :(

wrιтe a ѕнorт ѕтory aвoυт yoυr lιve aт тнe age oғ 9 and aт тнe age oғ 67

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9: claim to have magical power all day and 67: claim to have magical power all day....

wнaт are ғιve oғ yoυr ғavorιтe вoy naмeѕ ?

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i guess.... Gabriel, gaby, Aaron, gael,....

wнaтѕ yoυr zodιac ѕιgn ?

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Taurus sun, aries moon and cancer rising

do yoυ нave тrυѕт ιѕѕυeѕ ?

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i trust everyone, too naive

wнo waѕ тнe laѕт perѕon yoυ нad a мeanιngғυl converѕaтιon wιтн ?

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my best friend, i was so happy to listen her problems and help her to find a solution

do yoυ вelιeve ιn мagιc ?

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I want to believe it

wнaт are yoυr тнree ғavorιтe ѕongѕ rn ?

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Pyotr - Dance tonight Shawn - Lost in Japan Kohh- mawari zenbu ga ii

wнen yoυ were yoυnger, wнaт dιd yoυ wanт тo вe wнen yoυ grew υp ?

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I don't know, I just wanted to draw

wнo ιѕ on yoυr мιnd rn ? wнy ?

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rn me, bc im need to take care of myself

нave yoυ ever wιѕнed тo вe ѕoмeone elѕe ?

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no, i just want to improve myself

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