Lately i've been feeling a way that i never felt before, it's a little weird, but i like it. I've been liking my natural self, i've been softer with myself, what a feeling. These past weeks have been a rollercoaster for me emotionally because i'm really learning how to love myself, truly.

I'm finally learning that i don't have to be like all the other beautiful girls i see on my instagram or like my gorgeous friends, no, they are beautiful because they are the way THEY are, and i am beautiful because i am the way I AM. I mean, i don't have to have the typical face, body image, hair in order to be beautiful, because we are NOT the same physically.

I've realized i don't have to have straight hair, for example, i've realized i don't have to like all the things the girls are "supposed" to like.

It feels so good to know that anyone is perfect and that is what makes us unique and beautiful. we all are art because of the mistakes and rare things we do and like.

I used to be very hard to myself, i hated the way i am, i hated that i was born this way, i even judged myself and those things are the worst things you could do in life. But i forgive myself, i was a little afraid girl that didn't know her priceless worth and now that i know, i forgive me and i'm helping me to overcome those awful thoughts and the way that i used to be.

I don't believe in stereotypical things anymore, women are not perfect, we don't have to be like the fucking society tell us to be.

Be proud of your body, it has healed you and it has endured everything you've been through.

Be true to yourself, i know that's not that easy but at the end of day, you only have yourself so embrace it.