This change of season, weather, scene, life... .
It's weird, your body needs adjustment, your mind too.
You sneeze, your nose runs, you're hot, you're cold.
You're sure, you're doubting, distracted, affirming, yes, no.
Overthinking, not able to find sleep.

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But it's just a moment,
hold on.
Be sure,
even if you're not.
Have faith.
The fever will pass, warm soups will keep you strong.
and remember
nothing is permanent.
You can take the colder winds, frozen paths and slippery snow.
It seems scary I know.
But fall is the gentle bridge that brings you safely to winter.
Winter will be hard and cold but also warmer once home.
You'll move again, sleep again, and affirm what needed confirmation
and thereby make you stronger.
And Spring will come , very welcomed together so easily and fast with summer,
which the heat and excitement will make very foggy by times and suffocating.
That's why fall again will be there to cleanse you and clear your mind.
After a winter or two your sometimes doubts, sometimes affirmations
will have become
an achievement,
a moment
to be proud of.

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So do not forget fall.

Do not lose the essence

why, doubt, insecurity, weakness, pettiness, fear

Do not forget who you want to become,
do not forget that you WANT to learn, grow and achieve, persevere and share your once absorbed wisdom.

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Because soon enough the leaves will have changed once more to orange,
the wind will have blown once more when the sun was still shining,
and the years will have gone by, so quietly.
You didn't notice.

And all you did
was nothing
but stand still, petrified by insecurities, doubt, weakness,
frozen by fear.

And the only wisdom you'll have is regret.

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Hi guys, did something a bit different today. I was listening to this piano lullaby and forgot how much it inspires me. So I just put it on repeat and let my fingers type what they felt. Hope you liked it! Wherever you are now in your life, just hold on. The choices you make are worth it. Sometimes it just takes time to feel that. But quitting and falling back time after time into an endless cycle of not knowing what you want, where you wanna go is not worth it. Don't lose the bigger picture out of sight ... .

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,