I always looked up to my friends who had been in a relationship for longer than a year, this was because couldn't last 2 months. I don't know if I'm the only one but I fall "In love" easily... I meet a boy I think he's cute we start talking and a month or 2 later I'm saying yes to the question ' do you want to be mt girlfriend?'. All the 4 times this happend I knew deep inside I didn't love him in de way my friends love their boyfriends, after 2 months of officially being together I start to get annoyed everything he does is wrong and I just don't like him anymore... I know it's not nice but is happens every time and then I break up with de poor guy.

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I was still in a relationship with a boy i did not liked anymore when I met HIM! I live in Holland and we have this bog festival in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Open Air) I went a weekend and stayed at the camping. I always knew him by name because we live in the village but I never knew knew him. The first time I met him was at the festival we connected right away but not in a romantic way, because I had a boyfriend and he also had something with a girl. We became buddy's that weekend and were together all the time.

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When I came home I realised what a great time I had with him and that moment when stoot in the kitchen I just thought WOW what just happened this weekend I think I fell in love with him without even knowing but I pushed away the thought and went on. A week later I broke up with de poor guy that was my boyfriend at the time and swore I wouldn't date anyone for 2 years.

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2 weeks later HIM and I Kissed and we have been together since.

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Why I know I'm gonna marry him:

1. He is my best friend

- we have the same tast in music, laugh at the dummest jokes and he is just everything a best friend is

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2. I couldn't keep I love you inside me

- I never want to say I love you first but this time I said it first and it was the best thing ever

3. When he is not here a piece of me is missing

- We are together a lot in my past relationship 3 times a week was enough now when I'm not with him a piece of me is missing

4. I'm saving money for the future

- I'm the baddest person when it comes to saving money I JUST CAN'T suddenly I'm saving money and I'm thinking of living together ... who am I ?

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5. I'm posting to much on social media

- I never posted a picture on instagram with a previous boyfriend and deep down I knew why, because I new it wouldn't last

6. Making love to each other instead superficial sex

- Sorry guys but the sex is A MA ZING. I always just had sex it was superficial and I little bit forced, now I know where making love is coming from.

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