Hello Beautiful People, I thought this would be fitting as it is my first article. I was inspired by VOGUE 73 QUESTIONS so go check it out. I think this will be a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy!

1. What's your favorite movie?

jason bourne image 007 and James Bond image movies, stills, and john wick image bruce willis, die hard, and john mcclane image
I like almost any action movie but I love movies in general so it seems impossible to pick just one movie. |Jason Bourne- James Bond- John Wick- Die Hard|
after, couple, and hessa image movies, step up, and stills image midnight sun, movie, and bella thorne image love, kiss, and the notebook image
Here are some more movies I enjoy that do not fall under the action genre. |After- Step up- Midnight Sun- The Notebook|

2. Favorite Actress?

Image removed actress, goals, and goddess image
I don't really have one that really sticks out but maybe Helen Hunt or Lucy Hale

3. Favorite Actor?

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Again kinda hard to pick just because i watch so many movies. |Bruce Willis- Dylan O'Brien- Jason Statham- Alex Pettyfer|

4. A Book You Plan On Reading?

aesthetic, bird, and brown image
To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

5. Favorite TV Show?

gif, criminal minds, and intro image
Criminal Minds

6. One Movie You Watch Over and Over?

fast and furious 6 image paul walker, fast and furious, and car image fast and furious and old days image Image by Rameshwar Rai
As I previously stated I love movies and I can't just watch a movie once or twice but a series of movies I watch frequently is The Fast and Furious movies.

7. On a Scale of One to Ten, How Excited are You About Life Right Now?

Probably a 5- I'm in College right now trying to get things organized and make friends. Things seem kind of neutral right now, not good and not bad.

8. iPhone or Android?

Temporarily removed
I currently have a Samsung so I guess android but I don't necessarily have a preference.

9. Who are Your favorite Youtubers?

blogger, fashion, and emily image clothes, fashion, and style image
Probably Emily Canham and Mr.Kate.

10. Twittter or Instagram?

app, art, and brand image
Instagram 100%

11. Least Favorite Food?

yum, slow cooker, and dinner image
I very much dislike sloppy joes, don't get me wrong they taste great but I can not deal with the texture of the soggy bun.

12. What is Your Favorite Food?

food, pasta, and delicious image asparagus and shrimp image cheese, delicious, and dinner image Image by Fashion_S
Pasta and Shrimp is the best!

13.What Do You Love on Your Pizza?

pizza, food, and aesthetic image pizza, food, and yummy image pizza, food, and aesthetic image food and pizza image
I love tomato sauce, basil, cheese, pepperoni, spinich, and mushrooms on my pizza.

14. Favorite Drink?

water, aesthetic, and theme image autumn, book, and fall image autumn, fall, and drink image tumblr and vitamen water image
I like water, tea, cappuccino, and vitamin water.

15. Favorite Dessert?

colosseum, ice cream, and italy image baking, chocolate, and chocolate chip image
I have a pretty big sweet tooth but I would have to say Ice-cream and cookies are my favorite.

16. Coffee or Tea?

aesthetic, coffee, and flowers image tea, witch, and autumn image

17. Favorite Holiday?

Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
I love Christmas because it is a time for family, friends, and giving.

18. Favorite Band?

fall out boy, save rock and roll, and FOB image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed music and syml image
I love all kinds of music but these are the ones I listen too the most. | Fallout Boy- The Fray- Atlas- SYML|

19. Favorite Solo Artist?

album, celebrities, and music image
Lewis Capaldi

20. Favorite Song?

Bruises- Lewis Capaldi

Where's My Love- SYML

21. If You Could Master an Instrument, What Would it Be?

Image by Blippy Temporarily removed
I took some piano lessons when I was little but I was never good. I would lover to continue to learn to play piano and I also think it would be so fun to learn the violin, I think the sounds of a violin is beautiful.

22. If You Had a Tattoo, Where Would it Be?

tattoo image Temporarily removed arm, art, and black image tattoo image
I already have a tattoo on my wrist, its the coordinates of where my parents live/ where I grew up because it's home. If i were to get another tattoo I would either want one like the air plane or the flowers and I would probably get it on my ankle or behind my ear.

23. To Be or Not To Be?

book, shakespeare, and Hamlet image
To Be

24. Dogs or Cats?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, animals, and dog image dogs, doggos, and animals image dog, animal, and butterfly image
Dogs no doubt.

25. Bird Watching or Whale Watching?

sea, beach, and ocean image Image by sakshi bird, white, and black and white image Temporarily removed
I think there is something meaningful in both, but of I had to choose I would choose bird watching.

26. What is the Greatest Gift You Have Ever Received?

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The greatest gift I have ever received was the blessing of a big family of 7.

27. Window or Aisle seat?

photography, train, and vintage image travel, sky, and clouds image
Window Seat

28. Summer or Winter?

winter, snow, and city image winter, snow, and christmas image aesthetic, alternative, and explore image cabin, house, and winter image

29. What is Your Favorite Board Game?

music, tumblr, and friends image
Banana Grams

30. What is Your Favorite Country You Visited?

travel, world, and map image
I have never been to another country.

31. What is the Last Country You Visited?

Haven't been to a different country.

32. What Country Do You Wish to Visit?

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|New Zealand- Greece- England|

33. What is Your Favorite Color?

places, travel, and london image Image by Lucian Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Navy Blue

34. What is Your Least Favorite Color?

Temporarily removed Image by ZZ0917 ™
Lime or neon green

35. Diamonds or Pearls?

diamonds, luxury, and jewelry image Image removed

36. Heels or Flats?

autumn, boots, and cold image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by Sony Domm
Flats but I love ankle boots and other dressy shoes.

37. Jogging or swimming?

fitness, fit, and nike image Image by gaia

38. Best Way to de-stress?

book, cozy, and reading image adventure, car, and nature image azul, blue, and green image vintage, music, and pink image
Reading, going for drives, hiking, listening to music.

39. If You had One Superpower, What would it Be?

Image by salie hat, vintage, and black and white image
To take other peoples pain, physically and mentally.

40. What is Your Favorite Flower?

flowers, sunflower, and newspaper image flowers and iris image Temporarily removed etsy, rustic wedding, and natural flowers image
|Sunflowers- Iris- Lily- Babys Breath|

41. When Was the Last Time You Cried?

beauty, colorful, and nature image
This Morning

42. Do You Like Your Handwriting?

antique, book, and handwriting image

43. Do You Bake?

fall autumn, hot ​chocolate, and cooking baking image

44. What is Your Last Favorite Thing About Yourself?

couple, hands, and love image
My Hands and the fact that I cry when I'm mad.

45. What is Your Most Favorite Thing About Yourself?

Image removed girl, smile, and beauty image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I like my eyes, my smile, and my accidental bangs.

46. Who do you miss the most?

I am constantly missing anyone I love.

47. Who was the Last Person You Talked to on the Phone?

Image by Alanoud
My Mom :)

48. Who is the Last Person You Sent a Text to?

quotes, mom, and mother image
My Mom :)

49. A Sport You Wish You Could Play?

Temporarily removed teenwolf and lacross image
I already play volleyball but i think it would be fun to play soccer or lacrosse.

50. Hair color?

Temporarily removed
Somewhere in-between brown and blonde.

51. Eye Color?

eyes, blue, and eye image

52. Scary Films or Happy Endings?

quotes, eternity, and heartbroken image
Happy Endings

53.Three People Alive or Dead that You Would Like to have Dinner With?

My Grandpa before he had Parkinsons disease and I don't really have any others that really stick out in my head.

54. Hugs or Kisses?

love, couple, and boy image Temporarily removed

55. The Rolling Stones or The Beatles

Temporarily removed
The Beatles

56. Where Were You Born?


57. What is the Farthest You Have Been from Home?

New York

58. Sweet or Savory?

Image removed almonds, desserts, and sweet image

59. Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

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I'm more of a chapstick kind of girl.

60. What Would Be the Title of Your Autobiography?

The story of the girl who was deeper than anyone ever realized

61. Favorite Animal?

Image by Irena15

62. Do You Like Surprises?

If it is a good surprise then yes.

63. Whom Would You Take on Brunch?

My family or someone I meet

64. What Would You Eat on that Brunch Date?

Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and pancakes image
An omlette with pancakes and orange juice.

65. One thing you could not live without?

My family and loved ones.

66. Favorite smell?

candle, autumn, and fall image
Any fall scent.

67. Favorite sound?

rain, umbrella, and people image autumn, fall, and rain image

68. Favorite Movie Now?

after, love, and boy image
I can't pick a favorite so I just chose a movies that I saw recently that I liked.

69. What Color is Your Toothbrush?


70. What outdoor activities do you like to do?

I like to hike, read, drive four wheeler, have fires, swim etc. I love doing things outside, especially when it rains.

71. Are you scared of the dark?

I'm not scared of the dark I don't mind it at all, but sometimes what lurks in the dark scares me.

72. What Was the Name of Your First Pet?

My dog Trixy

73. Best Piece of Advise Ever Given to You?

quote image

Thank you so much for reading!

Best Wishes,