Before i jump into explaining the chakras individually, this is the essence of what chakras are.

Chakras have a bigger meaning than a lot of people understand. Chakras describe the universe's composition, and humans place in the spiritual realm. Atman is a life force that flows through your body along lines of energy called nadis. Nadis crosses in certain areas which forms a wheel shape, which are the chakras.

muladhara- the root chakra

your root chakra is located at the base of your spine.
this chakra gives you support and security.
meditation helps you more deeply connect with your root chakra.
sit in silence, clear your head of all thoughts. then, imagine a bright light coming from the base of your spine.

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svadhishthana- the sacral chakra

the sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomon, or womb.
your sacral chakra promotes pleasure, desire, sexuality, and sensuality. this is basically the feel good chakra. when it is functioning correctly, it is very rewarding.
lay down, relax completely, feel your skin, against your clothes, against the bed.

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manipura- the solar plexus chakra

the solar plexus chakra is located above your belly button.
the solar plexus is all about power. it empowers you, and gives you an idea of how to use your power.
imagine a bright yellow light growing inside of you, bigger and bigger, it is filled with love and strength.

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anahata- the heart chakra

the heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, as you may have guessed.
the heart chakra promotes love, for yourself, and everyone and thing around you. it gives you a sense of calmness.
imagine a swirling ball of pink in the center of your chest, it is filled with love.

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visuddha- the throat chakra

your throat chakra, when well, is able to allow you to let things go, such as things you have done in the past. it promotes creativity, and allows us to view things in a healthy way.
bring your attention to your throat, feel as if it is buzzing or humming.
feel a ball of light around you, you inhale some of the light every breath you take. this helps you feel your auric field.

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ajna- the third eye chakra

the third eye chakra is located in between your eyebrows, and above your eyes.
your third eye promotes spiritual growth. helps awaken you. often come to the realization that the world around us is just a projection of our minds.
feel the light entering between your eyes. "Ah" or "om" chants are often used for opening the third eye.

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sahasrara- the crown chakra

the crown chakra is located on the top of your head.
your crown chakra represents enlightenment, awareness, and the ability to accept life and death.
imagine a better version of yourself, accepting of everything, less negative energy built in you. a more loving you.

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thanks for reading, hope you learned a lil somethinnn. finally back writing and i'm v excited. check out my other other articles if you would like. <3